Photonics-Volume I

Book Introduction:

With the invention of laser in second half of 20'th century, new scientific words were introduced like: Electro- Optics, Quantum Optics, Optoelectronics, Adaptive optics, optical Amplification, Nonlinear optics, optronics, etc. IT was obvious soon that a new word was necessary to encompass all of above words at a unique umbrella. Since in all above related reseach fields. We've used light and " Photon " in engineering applications. the word “Photonics" was proposed. Like " Electronics" in which we' ve used "electron" signals in applications. "Photonics", is the technology for generation, amplification and guiding of electromagnetic waves in optical band and light detection with the aims of energy Conversion, Communications and information processing. This is the first book compiled in Persian language about " Photonics" in 2005 (first printing), till now which is fifth printing in 2017.

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