The rating upgrade of books published by university faculty

The rating upgrade of books published by university faculty
1/25/2017 6:04:00 PM

Due to technological changes emerged in the field of scientific publishing e-books published by university administrations rating Amirkabir University Press Center announced as equivalent to paper books.

AUT-PR-6601, paragraph 6 of the Act as well as amendments related to the following:

Publications Office (Press Center) University Council authorized the publication of books by author agreed to publish the paper, or in electronic form. However, the effect of the same points in issues such as upgrade, conversion status, grants, and other similar situations will be the difference between paper and electronic books will be published by the University in this regard.

Note 18: author of books on electronic payment every six months (Table 1) will be calculated and paid based on actual sales.

Provision 19 - that books published a paper and to identify the publishing of the number of the audience after three years can only be published electronically . construction company in the contract with the effect will be expected .